Dependable, Safe and
High Assurance Systems

The WW Technology Group (WWTG) offers world class capabilities in the design of high performance and dependable systems with design tool support.  Our research is based on a rigorous theoretical understanding of the principles for the design of distributed systems. The cross cutting aspects which affect dependable operation, performance, and scalability are addressed in our approach based on a comprehensive system perspective.

Our approach is based on middleware that integrate COTS components into a dependable system. We have shown this approach works with heterogeneous versions and thus facilitates iterative design solutions that can be used to rapidly explore design alternatives; support technology refresh during the system life-cycle; and integrate diverse systems into a system-of-system architecture. The capabilities are scalable with respect to size, performance, and dependability. The footprint and associated overhead is customizable to reduce the footprint and overhead based on requirements.

In addition to our middleware technology, WWTG's provides strong capabilities for customers needing support in aspects of designing, modeling, implementing, and operating dependable systems. Our personnel combine leading-edge principles for fault tolerance to achieve cost effective levels of dependability, availability and performance.

Our high assurance technologies are applicable to a wide range of mission critical systems

These are some of the agencies that we have successfully worked with

  • OSD
  • AFRL
  • NASA